What is the price of hair transplantation in Turkey ?

Since price of  hair transplantation in Turkey may vary a lot we set our mission to minimize the prize and maximize quality of service. With offices in Turkey and Europe we can quarantee best prices which include every expense in Turkey from arrival to departure period . The only thing you need to do is choose your date and buy plane tickets, we will handle the rest for you. 

*Price does not include plane tickets

FUE Saphire

2600 EUR

up to 5000 grefts

D.H.I choi pen

2700 EUR

up to 5000 grefts

Stem cell D.H.I

3300 EUR

up to 5000 grefts

Our Clinic also offer Transplantation of eyebrows, bread, to learn more about ask to our medical consultant

Some of frequently asked questions

Turkey is world-wide leader in hair transplantation with over 6000 transplantations done per month. Quality of hospitals and health services are set with European standarts.

For good result of heair transplantation we need to customize your treatment and operation plan by asking you a few question which will last few minutes about your health and to determine number of grafts which will be implanted we need you to sent us a photo of your hair scalp. All you need to do is to contact us by mail, call or write us on our whatsapp line or just write us on facebook.

Everything including pre and after control, transplantation take 3 day so you can easyly come on weekend without taking days from your annual leave at work! We have also option to extend your stay in Istanbul to make it vacation.

After picking up you at airport by our delegate, you will move with VIP car and our delegate to clinic to perform control needed for you transplantation where you will also pay so you dont have to worry about carrying money with you. After that you will move to your 5* hotel where you can enjoy nightlife of istanbul or rest on your suite.

If you are using credit card, the amout will be converted to Turkish lira afterwards it will take around 4% bank commision so we strongly recommend to pay in cash with Euro or USD.