Frequently asked Questions about hair transplantation

Do you have any questions about the course of your hair transplantation in Turkey ? Down bellow you can find most of frequently asked questions about hair transplantion under three sections; Before operation, Your flight and Operation and After Operation. If you still coudnt find answer to your question, please feel free to contact us

Before Transplantation

With it is not necessary. We recommend that you have a haircut at your hairdresser before departure to Istanbul. Ask the cut to be “fade” or “undercut” at least 5 cm above the top ear edge, along the entire perimeter of the head. The hair length in this area should not exceed 0.5 mm

If you choose our VIP package you will stay in hystorical centre of Istanbul in 5 star hotel with double bedroom. In our standart package we have prepared for you 4 star hotel with single bedroom. Every of hotels included are stricktly controled by our team to maximize standarts of your stay in Istanbul.

For good result of heair transplantation we need to customize your treatment and operation plan by asking you a few question which will last few minutes about your health and to determine number of grafts which will be implanted we need you to sent us a photo of your hair scalp. All you need to do is to contact us by mail, call or write us on our whatsapp line or just write us on facebook.

Turkey is number one destination in Health turism with high quality standarts and affordable prices. Furthermore clinics in Turkey are using the newest technology to transplant hair byt D.H.I choin pen method where you get your hair without damage skin and with fast recovery time.

We cover all expenses during your stay like VIP transportations to hotel and clinique, accomondation at 5 star hotel, Hair transplantation and medications needed for recovery after the operation.

Hair transplantation is done by strictly controled hospital with European standarts.

from one week before transplantation you should drink any of alcohol until the week after the transplantation. Also if you are using any drugs or medications you should reach us and our team will make conclusion.

This option is frequently prefered by our clients so yes you can. In order to choosing our standart package where the bed is single you will have to pay a small fee to upgrade your room to double.

With the latest technology of hair transplant where you dont have to shave your hair and where hair tissues are not damaged you will able to continue to your social life in 3 days.

Way to Istanbul and Transplantation

You dont have to worry about communication, you will have your english speaking  VIP delegate who will accompany you through your stay in Istanbul

Due to number of grafts inplanted hair transplantation last about 7-8 hours. No you will not feel any pain because of local anesthecia.

No, you dont have to cut your hair but we reccomend to cut your hair due to better quality of transplantation since doctors will able to see better your scalp and decide where to inplant grafts.

The Direct Hair Implantation sapphire FUE method is actually an improved follicular unit extraction method (FUE), where the hair grafts are carefully removed from the donor area at the back and sides of the head, one after the other, and are then injected again using sapphire FUE to the places where the hair looks without the need to cut the chips into which the grafts are inserted, as in FUT. sapphire FUE has an average of only 0.6mm and allows the grafts to be injected directly into the skin without scarring after the injection. This method significantly reduces blood loss while allowing the highest density (up to 200 grains per cm2) of hair to achieve the most natural results.

Transplantation consists in relocating your own hair grafts from places on the head where the hair is high quality and dense (the head of the head) to places where plexus or hair is thin. Transplantation is performed in local anesthesia and is absolutely painless. We perform a transplant using the most modern procedure known as sapphire FUE.

After picking up you at airport by our delegate, you will move with VIP car and our delegate to clinic to perform control needed for you transplantation where you will also pay so you dont have to worry about carrying money with you. After that you will move to your 5* hotel where you can enjoy nightlife of istanbul or rest on your suite.

No, as we cover all expenses including Hair transplantation,VIP transfer services, accomondation and medications need for recovery after surgery. Buying more medications for long term is optional. 

If you are using credit card, the amout will be converted to Turkish lira afterwards it will take around 4% bank commision so we strongly recommend to pay in cash with Euro or USD.

Yes, after our delegate will pick you up at airport you will move to hotel and afterwords to clinic where you will pay, moreover you will have safe in your hotel room.

After you will contact us , our medical team will analize your donor area at the back of your scalp and determine number of grafts that should be inplanted. Final number of grafts will be determined by the doctor at clinic.

After Transplantation

Yes, after the procedure, you will receive a warranty card that contains information on the number of transplanted grafts and the procedure for transplantation. The warranty will be valid unless the health condition or treatment affects the hair follicle and does not cause hair loss or you will be exposed to any cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other serious illness or treatment. Newly transplanted hair grows like the original hair and gives you a completely natural look.

Immediately after the transplant, the results are visible. Hair is short and will grow gradually. After 3 weeks, transplanted hair may begin to fall. It’s a very common part of the healing process. After this phase, new hair will begin to grow in place of these hair. After 4 to 6 months after transplantation, the growth rate will increase. After 6 months, you will see the crucial results of your transplantation process, and in many cases the result is already amazing. After 10 to 14 months after hair transplantation, the result will be final.

For a period of 14 days, you should avoid fitness or other heavy workouts that can cause excessive sweating. For three weeks, it is necessary to omit demanding sports such as swimming, basketball, football.

As we will give you medications need for recovery but buying more medication for long time is optional.

After 30. day of hair transplantation.