We guarantee you best price in Europe with the highest quality of hair transplantation in Turkey !

We represent one of the best Istanbul clinics with a focus on hair transplantation with more than 12 years of experience and a medical team certified by the Department of Health. The clinic uses state-of-the-art DHI or FUE hair transplantation methods. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on the performed procedures.

What is hair transplantation about ? 

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that is a permanent solution to problems with starting hair, hair or hair. It is an aesthetic procedure performed by a professional physician and consists in relocating its own hair grafts from places on the head where the hair is high quality and dense (the head of the head) to the places where the hair is formed or the hair is thin. Transplantation is performed in local anesthesia, it is absolutely painless and most clients are able to go 2-3 days after the procedure to work.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

We will provide professional hair transplantation in Turkish Istanbul with the best quality, with a lifetime guarantee and at a number of times lower prices than in the Europe. Turkey is today a world center of hair transplantation. Every day there are over 6thousand operations performed on more than 300 clinics. The level of medical services and hygiene standards fully corresponds to European habits and the methods of transplantation are the best in the world. Istanbul is also a beautiful, modern and safe city.

Methods of hair transplantation

Modern and at this time the best procedure for hair transplantation is called Black Saphire FUE method. This is actually an improvement in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, whereby the hair grafts are carefully removed from the donor area at the back and sides of the head, one after the other, and then again using Black Saphire FUE method to inject them to places where the hair looks no need to cut the canals the grafts are fed as in FUT. Donor areas of the head generally are not affected by baldness and hair grafts are of the best quality. Therefore, the transplanted hair will remain forever where it has been transplanted and will continue to grow without risk of falling.

Using Black Saphire FUE method

All transplants are performed using the latest hair transplantation technologies, including the use of Black Saphire FUE method. The pen improves significantly the implantation part of the procedure by eliminating the need for cuts of the hair grafting channels as in standard FUT procedures. Black Saphire FUE method has an average of only 0.6-0,7mm and allows the grafts to be injected directly into the skin without scarring after the injection. This method significantly reduces blood loss while allowing the highest density (up to 200 grains per cm2) of hair to achieve the most natural results.

What is PRP (Concentrated plasma-rich plates) treatment ?

It is painless and you have it for free in your package! The aim is to stimulate transplanted hair grafts and “switch” in the active growth phase. Concentrated plasma-rich plates are prepared from your own own blood using a special centrifugal system. Thanks to PRP, it is positively influenced postoperative healing and stimulates hair growth and quality after transplantation. PRPs apply our doctors very much a thin needle immediately before transplantation after anesthesia and sedation. 

The main advantage of PRP is that the body does not have to accept any artificial materials and materials and does not pose a risk subsequent complications, allergies or contamination. PRP is also a source of basic growth factors, so that the procedure actually reproduces the natural regenerative processes of healing and recovery damaged tissue